COVID-19 Rules

Transitional rules

Validity: until revoked

  • Always wear a mask when using the library services!
  • Please take special care to keep the appropriate social distance (1,5 meters)!
  • Please use hand sanitizer and wash your hands regularly!
  • The library can be visited/used/ for study or research purposes.
  • 5 computers and the printer can be used. The computer room cannot be used.
  • The library max capacity 20 people. Disinfecting liquid and wipes are available to Library users at services desk.
  • Books can be borrowed and returned primarily at the self checkout machine, please use it!
  • It is also possible to pre-compile the books to be borrowed, so that only the prepared, borrowed package has to be taken away after proving the identity. Requests are accepted at
  • All the returned books will be quarantined for 72 hours, please do not touch the books on the marked shelves! After 72 hours, the books will be put on the shelves in the reading room and can be used again.

If you have any questions, please contact the library staff members via email!