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 baromfi, A

Paper: 1998-2006 Stock number: O-929


Paper: 2001-2005 Stock number: O-927

 Berliner und Münchener Tierarztliche Wochenschrift

Paper: 1889- Stock number: O-93

 Biological Conservation

Online access: 1968- Biological Conservation

 BMC Microbiology

Online access: 2000- BMC Microbiology
More information: Open Access

 BMC Veterinary Research

Online access: 2005- BMC Veterinary Research
More information: Open Access

 Botanikai Kölemények

Paper: 1911-1960 Stock number: O-293

 Bovine Practitioner, The

Paper: 1974- Stock number: O-1199

 Brazilian Journal of veterinary Research and Animal Science

Online access: 1998-2004 Brazilian Journal of veterinary Research and Animal Science
More information: Open Access

 Budapesti Állatorvos

Paper: 1997-2004 Stock number: O-879

 Bulgarian Journal of Veterinary Medicine Stara Zagora

Paper: 1998- Stock number: O-1257

 Bulletin de l Académie Vétérinaire de France

Paper: 1866- Stock number: O-161

 Bulletin of the Szent István University

Paper: 2000- Stock number: O-913

 Bulletin of the Veterinary Institute in Pulawy

Paper: 1957-2015 Stock number: O-627
More information: 2016- : Journal of Veterinary Research