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 FAO Bulletin of Statistics

Paper: 2000- Stock number: O-1096
More information: FAO Quarterly Bulletin of Statistics

 FAO Fertilizer Yearbook

Paper: 1979- Stock number: O-1218

 FAO Quarterly Bulletin of Statistics

Paper: 1978-1999 Stock number: O-1096
More information: FAO Bulletin of Statistics

 FAO Trade Yearbook

Paper: 1968- Stock number: O-924

 FAO Yearbook of Fishery Statistics

Paper: 1968-2005 Stock number: O-934

 FAO Yearbook of Forest Products

Paper: 1983- Stock number: O-1449

 Feed Mix

Paper: 1993- Stock number: Deparment of Animal Nutrition

 Folia Veterinaria

Paper: 1956- Stock number: O-652

 Food and Agricultural Immunology

Online access: 1999- Food and Agricultural Immunology
More information: 18 month Embargo

 Foto Video

Paper: 2004- Stock number: O-1321

 Fövárosi Állatorvos

Paper: 2005- Stock number: O-776

 Frontiers in Zoology

Online access: 2004- Frontiers in Zoology
More information: Open Access

 Functional Ecology

Online access: 1997- Functional Ecology

 FVE Newsletter

Online access: 2005- FVE Newsletter

 FVM Értesítő

Paper: 1950-2009 Stock number: O-592