Night of Museums, 25 June 2016


– Heroes and inventors among veterinarians-


  • University and veterinary history – permanent exhibition
  • Mosaic from the history of food inspection – temporary exhibition
  • The adventurous life of Vilmos Zlamál based on archive materials – temporary exhibition
  • Discoverers and innovators among vets in old times and today – temporary exhibition

Guided tours:

18.00 and 23.00 Veterinary medicine and university history (István Kótai)

21.00: Mosaic from the history of food inspection (Géza Szita)


19.00-19.30 Does our food and drink really acidify? (Sándor György Fekete)
19.30-20.00 From stone axe to spaceship or the significance of innovation in development (Géza Szita)
20.00-20.30 The hero and the Renaissance man (István Kótai)
21.30-22.00 The history and trends of veterinary vaccine development in Hungary (Zoltán Pénzes)
22.00-22.30 How do embryos come into being? – Or the first hours of life and what we can learn from it (Csaba Pribenszky)



17.00–18.00 Animal inventions – family contest (Ildikó Czigány Ildikó)
18.00-23.00 With pH for our health – food/feed show (András Bersényi)
19.00-23.00 An insight into the life a laboratory – presentation (Csaba Pribenszky)
16.00–24.00 Microworld – interesting things under the microscope
16.00–22.00 Creative corner for children (Zita KarancsiKrisztina Egri)
16.00–20.00 Pet the pets! Animals of the Kanga Foundation and of students