Hutÿra Ferenc Library,  Archives and Museum  Rules and regulations

Annex 3

Rules and Regulations of Hutÿra Ferenc Library

Core services

Hutÿra Ferenc Library is a public library. It provides the following services free of charge for any visitors:

  1. Use library assets on site,
  2. Use catalogues and other databases of the library’s assets,
  3. Receive information on the entire library system and its services.

You can get up-to-date information on the Library’s opening hours, services, the fees for non-free services at the Library’s regularly updated website and/or upon registration.


Library visitors can pre-register in the cloakroom where they get a serial number identical with their locker number.


  1. Registered library users can be any Hungarian citizens of legal age or any enrolled foreign students who accept the rules of library use.
  2. If you are pre-registered, you can use the library services on site; it does not require a registered library membership.
  3. Borrowing books requires a registered library membership. You must present your ID or passport for registration. If you are a student, you must present your Student ID as well.
  4. The registration fee is 1000 HUF per year for students and 500 HUF per year for senior citizens. (The registration fees for members of the Hungarian Veterinary Chamber are covered by the Chamber.)
  5. Registration is free for students and staff of the University of Veterinary Medicine, the unemployed, senior citizens over 70 years of age and for the handicapped.
  6. Librarians may not provide information on any reader’s personal or library usage data.

Use of the reading room

  1. Food or non-bottled beverages are not allowed in the reading room. Beverages in capped bottles are allowed.
  2. In the owner’s presence, librarians and the security guard may check the content of bags brought into the reading rooms if the security control system signals.
  3. Librarians may ask you to leave if you disrupt the silence of the reading room and disturb other users.
  4. Documents used in the reading room must be left on the table. If you asked for documents brought from the storage room, you need to return them to the librarians at the counter, and they will acknowledge the receipt.
  5. At 12.30 each day, the reading room is ventilated for 15 minutes (in cold weather as well).
  6. Please keep the integrity and cleanliness of the library at all times.

Borrowable documents

  1. You can only borrow one copy of a particular book personally (for yourself).
  2. Unless marked otherwise, the books held on the free shelves or in the storage room are borrowable.
  3. Periodicals, reference-only books, publications from before 1950 are not borrowable!
  4. Reference-only books and copies of textbooks (the so-called logged books) may only be borrowed for the library’s closing times (for the night, weekend, school holidays).
  5. The maximum number of books loanable to external readers is 5 items; for students of our university it is 10 items.
  6. You can borrow maximum two of the so-called logged books at one time.

Rules of book loans:

  • Borrowable books
  1. Loaning time is one month.
  2. Before the expiry of the current loaning period, you may extend the loaning time twice personally, by phone or via the online catalogue, unless the particular item is already pre-booked. You can get the bar code/password for online extension from the librarian.
  3. Users failing to return books by the deadline pay a penalty, the amount of which is 50 HUF per book per day.
  4. Textbooks held by the library in many copies may only be loaned for one semester or one academic year to Hungarian students of the particular year and studying the given subject. Such books must be returned by the last day of the semester/academic year. (The list of these books is available at the reader service.)
  5. Students failing to return books even after the third notice are finally banned from borrowing books. Such individuals will be subjected to a simplified compensation procedure pursuant to Paragraph 4 of Article 33 of The Disciplinary and Compensation Affairs Regulations, Volume III, Organizational and Procedural Regulations of the University of Veterinary Medicine. External readers failing to return their borrowed books after a warning will be banned from borrowing books.
  6. With a special permission of the director, foreign students may borrow and keep books for the summer holiday period.
  • Logged books
  1. Books borrowed for the weekend or night (i.e., logged) may be taken at
    a time agreed with the librarian, after 2 p.m. at the earliest and must be returned by no later than 10 a.m the next day or on Monday.
  2. Users failing to return logged books by the deadline pay a penalty, the amount of which is 100 HUF per book per day.
  3. Users failing to return logged books within one calendar week after the deadline will be finally banned from borrowing books.
  • CD-ROM
  1. CD-ROM loans: CD-ROMs are loaned for one week, for a deposit of 3000 HUF per item.
  2. CD-ROM loans may be extended once.
  3. Users failing to return CD-ROMs by the deadline will no longer be allowed to borrow CD-ROMs.


  1. Users must take care of library documents and preserve their condition as well as to pay compensation for any damage.
  2. Users losing a library asset must replace it with a copy of the same edition of the given book.
  3. If that is impossible, then the user will have to pay the replacement cost, which equals the item’s second-hand resale value + the procurement costs.
  4. Users failing to pay their debts even after a written notice will be subjected to a legal procedure to recover the debt.


  1. You can only make paper-based or electronic copies of library documents for study and research purposes, in line with the copyright regulations.
  2. Full books may not be copied.
  3. Excerpts from library assets classified as manuscripts (thesis papers, PhD papers, etc.) may only be copied with the author’s prior permission. Such permissions must be communicated to the librarian by the author in writing, via e-mail, personally or by phone.

Computer usage

  1. You need to be a registered library user to be able to use the computers in the reading room. Computer usage is governed by the rules of the National Information Infrastructure Development Program (Hungarian abbreviation: NIIF), which provides the network connection.
  2. Registered users may freely use the computers for study and research purposes and they can also use them for private purposes but to a limited extent.
  3. It is forbidden to use the computers in a manner violating NIIF usage regulations (including violation of privacy, illegal commercial gains, copyright violations such as file exchange, downloading illegal content, commercial activity, software modification, malevolent networking activity such as networking games, unsolicited e-mails, etc.)
  4. Computer usage is prioritized as follows: search in the library catalogues, databases, electronic sources; carry out study-related tasks (studying and printing exam and textbook materials, writing papers, etc.); e-mail; other. In case of a queue waiting for computer usage, requests higher in the priority list are served first, as enforced by the librarian.

Group study room

  1. Students can use the group study room for the purposes of joint study sessions and discussions.
  2. You can pick up the key of the group study room from the reader service, after signing the group study room usage log. You must return the key here as well. You must also indicate in the special table how long you expect to use the room.
  3. You can book the room in advance by making an entry in the special table. You may still receive the key of the study room even if it is booked but, in such cases, you must leave the room as soon as the booker arrives.
  4. In the group study room you are not allowed to smoke, sit in the windows or show inappropriate conduct.

Use of “Nádaskay” Room

  1. Students can use Study Room “Béla Nádaskay” for the purposes of silent, group study sessions.
  2. In “Nádaskay” Room you are not allowed to smoke, sit in the windows or show inappropriate conduct.