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Copyright protects the works of authors from illegal use and sets the limits of the use of documents owned by the library. The increasing number of electronic documents raises new issues which are regulated by license agreements beside legal regulations. We would like to ask our readers to follow the rules below.

  • Entire library documents must not be copied or digitized.
  • Parts of documents may be copied or digitized for educational, learning, research purposes for the reader’s own use. This copy must not be transferred to a third party, or used for earning profit. The copy must not be forwarded via or made public on the internet.
  • Students, staff (lecturers, researchers, other staff members) of the university and personal users are entitled to use the electronic documents purchased or subscribed by the library. They may access these documents, search, browse, print, download and store parts of the documents.
  • Electronic documents must not be modified, neither can copyright notices be altered or deleted. It is also forbidden to systematically download the e-documents and use them for economic purposes.
  • Documents may be used in education or science with proper referencing.

Terms for the use of EISZ:

Terms and conditions for access to CABI online products can be found here:

Terms and conditions for the use of journals and books on the  Elsevier/SciVerse homepage can be found here:

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