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Basic services

The Veterinary Science Library is open to the public and provides the following services for everybody free of charge:

  • local use of the library’s collection,
  • local use of catalogues and other databases,
  • information on the library system and services provided in it.

Information regarding the opening hours of the library, its services and fees may be found on the library homepage or in the reading room.

Registration at the cloakroom

  • All visitors of the library have to register at the cloakroom where they are given a card with a number identifying their box.
  • If you want to take a book of your own to the reading room, please, ask for a yellow number at the cloakroom.
  • When borrowing a book, the librarian will also give a red number which has to be submitted at the cloakroom when the number is returned.

Registration as a reader

  • Any Hungarian citizen of age or any foreign student of the Faculty of Veterinary Science, who accepts the regulations of library use, may be a registered user of the library.
  • Registration is compulsory for use of the library. An identity paper of passport is required for registration. Students must show their valid student card as well.
  • The registration free is 1000,- HUF for a year, 500,- HUF for pensioners and students of other academic institutions. (The registration fee of the members of the Hungarian Veterinary Chamber is covered by the Chamber.)
  • Registration is free of charge for the students and staff of the Szent István University, for the unemployed and for the handicapped.
  • Librarians must not give any information let it be personal data or details concerning the library use of users to anyone.

Use of the reading room

  • You must not take the following items to the reading room: bags larger than A4 size, food and drinks. You are allowed to take drinks in bottles that can be firmly covered with you.
  • Librarians will send persons disturbing other readers with noise or in any other way out of the reading room.
  • Documents used in the reading room should be left on the table. Documents brought up from the store by librarians have to be returned at the reference desk.
  • Fresh air is let in the reading room at 12.30 for at least 15 minutes (also if the weather is cold).
  • Please, help us keep the library and its documents in good shape!

Documents for borrowing

  • It is possible to borrow documents only personally, for the user’s own purpose, and one copy of each title only.
  • Books on open shelves or in the stock without any special mark can be borrowed.
  • It is impossible to borrow journals, manuals, publications from before 1950, and the lecture notes of our university.
  • Some copies of manuals, lecutre notes, textbooks (the so-called Diary books) can only be borrowed for the time when the library is closed (for the night or for the week-end).
  • Users may borrow 5 volumes of the books that can be borrowed. Our students may have a maximum of 10 volumes borrowed at a time.
  • Of the so-called Diary books two may be borrowed at a time.

Rules of borrowing

Books for loan

  • The loan period is one month.
  • The loan period of books can be extended before the deadline personally, through the phone or the catalogue available on the internet, if there is no reservation for the book. The bar code and password for extending the loan through the internet are given by the librarian.
  • A delay fee of 50,- HUF/book/day has to be paid after the end of the loan period.
  • Students, who do not return books borrowed over the semester until the end of the semester (15 February, or 15 July respectively) will be excluded from borrowing.
  • The student, who does not return a document after three warnings will be excluded from borrowing ultimately. Students will be subjects of a simplified compensation process following the rules of 33§ 4. of Appendix 5/e of the SZIE SZMSZ (Fegyelmi és kártérítési ügyek elbírálásának rendje). Other users are excluded ultimately from borrowing if they do not return the document upon warning.
  • Foreign students are not allowed to borrow books and prolong books for the summer holidays.

”Diary” books for short term borrowing

  • Books for the night or for the week-end can be borrowed at the time determined by the librarian, but not sooner than 14 p.m., and must be returned until 10 a.m. on the next day or Monday.
  • A delay fee of 100 HUF/volume/day must be paid for diary books if they are late.
  • Users, who do not return a diary book for more than a week will be excluded from borrowing diary books.


  • It is possible to borrow CD-ROMs for one week a deposit of 3000,- HUF for each CD-ROM.
  • It is possible to extend the one-week loan only once for another week.
  • The user returning a CD-ROM late is not allowed to borrow CDs any more.

Compensations and pentalties

  • The user must take good care for the library’s documents, and pay compensation for any damage made.
  • Documents lost must be substituted by another copy of the same edition of the book.
  • It substitution is impossible, the user has to pay the second-hand price+costs of purchase for the book.
  • If a user does not return the borrowed items after a written warning from the library, the library will turn to the court.


  • Library documents may be copied, scanned or digitized only for study or research purposes in harmony with copyright regulations.
  • Complete books (documents) must not be copied.
  • Parts of manuscripts (such as theses, phd dissertations, etc.) may only copied with the permission of the author. The author has to give the permission to the librarian in writing, e-mail, personally or through the phone.

Computer use

  • Registration is required for the use of computers in the reading room. Their use is controlled by the regulations of the National Information Infrastructure Development programme providing for the internet connection of the university.
  • Registered users may use the computers freely for study and research purposes and to a reasonable extent for private purposes.
  • The following activities, violating the regulations of the National Information Infrastructure Program, are forbidden: violation of the personality of others, illegal profit making, violation of copyrights such as torrenting, file exchange, download of illegal contents, business activities, alteration of softwares, malicious use of the network (games, unwanted mails, etc.).
  • The priorities of computer use are as follows: searching the library catalogue, database or electronic resources; studying (e. g. study materials, printing materials, writing essays, etc.); e-mailing; other. If there is a queue, the activity higher in this series will enjoy priority and the librarian will enforce this.

Use of the group room

  • The group room, available for students, may be used for learning or discussions in groups.
  • The key of the group room may be acquired from the readers’ service where the booklet for registration has to be signed, and it has to be returned here as well. You also have to mark at the table for about how long you intend to use the group room.
  • You may reserve the group room in the same table. The group room may be used before the time of the reservation, however, in this case the room has to be left when the persons reserving it arrive.
  • Smoking, sitting in the window or behaving unpleasantly is forbidden in the group room.


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