Library & dogs

Dear Students!

Problems and complaints about animals brought into the library have increased in the past, and for this reason we have created a rule that clearly and precisely defines the relationship between certain spaces in the library and the animals.

Most of the complaints about the presence of animals in the library were legitimate remarks about hygiene, behavioral problems (barking, growling, sitting on furniture, etc.) or the increasing noise of the former quiet learning spaces. 

In accordance with the above-mentioned, from December 3, 2021, the library’s reading and learning spaces will be divided into two separate units: 

  • Building D – including the reading room, the group room, the foyers, corridors and the reception area on the ground floor – is not accessible to animals 
  • Equus Study Room in building D, however, is an animal-friendly place. 

Please keep the above rules when visiting the library so that each student can find a suitable, supportive library environment for them.

We would like to support the operation of Equus Study Room as an animal-friendly place with rules to help us live together which will soon be placed in the room.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Budapest, December 2, 2021

Bea Winkler and the library staff

Equus Study Room

1. Students can use Equus Study Room for the purposes of silent group study sessions and recreation. 

2. The room is a community area so you must observe the rules of appropriate social behaviour at all times. 

3. Users of the study room must comply with the house rules. 

House rules for Equus Study Room 

I. Rules of social behaviour

a) Please do not disturb your fellow students by making phone calls or talking. 

b) When you leave, please put your garbage in one of the garbage cans and leave the place in the condition you would like to find it.

c) Do not take off your shoes in the room and do not put your feet/shoes on the chairs/tables.

d) Do not consume smelly, aromatic food in the room. 

 II. Dog rules

a) Only properly socialized, human-friendly dogs are allowed in the room. 

b) Do not feed or give drinks to your dog in the room. 

c) Do not have your dog sit/lie on the chairs, tables or sofas. 

d) All dog waste must be placed in dog poop bags and thrown in the outdoor garbage cans (it is forbidden to put them in indoor bins, bathroom or toilet bins)!

III. Personal belongings left in the room

a) We are not responsible for your personal items left in the room. 

b) Any items found on the tables etc. will be disposed of in the last week of each semester. 

IV. Books and magazines placed in the room

a) Free copies of books, notes and magazines are available in Equus Study Room. You are free to take them home, use them and return them or even add other items to the collection there.