Piano and horseshoeing

Science and art in the life of the Varga and Nádaskay families in the 19th and 20th centuries Poster

15th of October 2009 – 30th of June 2010

In 1885 Franz Liszt visited Ferenc Varga, a professor of the veterinary school, at his home in Rákospalota – reported the social column of a newspaper. Where have they met first? How did Liszt get to the Varga family? Where was the villa? Does it still exist? Who were present? A number of exciting questions which show that even the brief report of a social event may condense the wealth of Hungarian science and culture.

The answers to the questions were given by Miklós Szilvási, a collector of Liszt relics and information. He was aided by Györgyné Csanádi, Istvánné Gergely, Gyula Kálmán, Árpád Kassai, Istvánné Tüű and many others.

The exhibition is a commemoration to Ferenc Varga, DVM, Franciska Tély (his wife), Béla Nádaskay (his step son), Vilma Varga (his daughter) and disciple of Liszt. Miklós Szilvási, who gathered the material of the exhibition, is visually impaired. He would have liked to have his exhibition in the permanent exhibition room of the visually impaired. It is a pity, there is no such place yet.

The exhibition opens on 15th October 2009 and will close on 15th March 2010. Visually impaired people are welcome. There is an audio guide to the exhibition; explanations in Braille and an exciting touchable collection are made available.