I. Nationwide services

II. Basic services

  • visiting the library,
  • in-house use of the collection and electronic resources of the library,
  • use of the catalogue and other databases at the library,
  • information about the whole library network and services.

III. Document provision

  • borrowing
    Registered users may borrow books and AV materials personally.
  • photocopying and scanning
    Photocopying and scanning can be performed by the visitor or ordered from the library.
  • interlibrary lending (document or copy)
    Documents not available locally can be ordered from other Hungarian or foreign libraries via the library.
  • studying resources of veterinary history
    The Magyary-Kossa Historic Book Collection is fully catalogued. It is possible to study old books in the reading room following the rules of research.
  • HuVetA (Hungarian Veterinary Archive)
    Theses, dissertations, historic works (partly Open Access) are available. The library offers counselling in open access publishing.
  • group room for studying or meetings
    A possibility for students and professors for small group work and discussions (max. 5-6 persons). Booking is available free of charge.

IV. Information retrieval on your own or with a librarian

  • Hungarian Veterinary Bibliography
    Bibliographic information about publications of Hungarian veterinarians.
  • information services
    Information regarding database search.
    o CAB Archives + CAB Abstracts: agriculture and veterinary science
    o Web of Science, Science Direct, SpringerLink, Wiley Online Library: interdisciplinary databases
  • legal information
    Information about Hungarian or European legal regulations in force.
  • referral services
    Information about the Veterinary Science Library’s and other libraries’ collection, services, opening hours, address, etc.

V. Services aiding publication and scientific assessment

  • Hungarian National Scientific Bibliography (MTMT)
    Support in the use of publication databases.
  • Methodological counselling
    Support for authors of articles, books, theses, and in correct citing.
  • information about scientometric values and issues
    Information about scientometric indicators (such as impact factor, citations, indices, etc.). Scientometric analyses.

VI. User education and public relations

  • courses
    Library informatics and other classroom or e-learning courses in curricular framework or ordered by the users.
  • website
    The homepage of the library always contains up-to-date information and news.
  • Noctua
    Newsletter on the homepage of the library (in Hungarian).
  • events
    The library organises different events which are open to the public.

VII. Support for researchers of university and veterinary history

  • Hungarian Veterinary Pantheon
    Biographies, photos, artistic presentations, tombs of outstanding veterinarians.
  • digital historic library
    Some outstanding pieces of early veterinary history in full text, and the first volumes of the Hungarian veterinary journal, Veterinarius.
  • archival research and information service
    Research based on the material of the Archive of the Faculty of Veterinary Science.
  • exhibitions
    Permanent and temporary exhibitions at the Collection of Veterinary History.

Basic services are free of charge. Computers can be used after registration. Information about the price of services can be found on the homepage or at the reference desk. Please, read library use regulations.It is possible to use your own computer in the library with wifi. Students of the faculty are also entitled to remote access (through VPN) to electronic databases, books and journals.