Guide to Thesis Writing

Guide to Thesis Writing (from 2021): 

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The leaflet entitled “Guide to Thesis Writing” supplements the regulations regarding thesis writing and summarizes the most important formal requirements, the ways of citing literature, and the compilation of the bibliography of the TDK thesis requirements:

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How many pages should a thesis be?

There are currently no specific rules on the length of theses. In general, the shortest theses at our university are 31-33 pages long, the average thesis is 35-45 pages long, but there are also some 50-80 page theses. This refers to numbered pages, so it does not include e.g. the HuVeta or the thesis statement, but it does include the title page, the contents, acknowledgements (if any), a list of abbreviations (if any), the main text and the bibliography.

In many cases, the topic will determine the optimum length and the topic leader can help you to ensure that everything the topic requires has been covered.

Is there a limit to the length of a citation?

One or two sentences, short paragraphs (3-5 lines) are usually taken. Then follow with your own thoughts (at least a few sentences), followed by a new quote if necessary.

How many times is it possible to quote in the thesis?

It is possible to cite as many times as you like (appr. 20-50), but it is important to do so mainly at the beginning of the thesis, during the literature review.

If an author cites someone, should I cite the original author or the one I found the citation?

If there is a citation in the literature you have read, you should look for the original (at least online). The original material should be cited, not the citation.

What is Thesis progress reports for veterinary students (with confirmation)?

The Thesis progress reports is managed by the supervisor during the semester and given to the student when the paper is finished. You need to include it in your thesis (it must be included in both the paper and electronic versions).

Are thesis checked for plagiarism?

For all theses submitted in the academic year 2023/2024, a plagiarism check via Neptun is mandatory, the results are evaluated by the thesis supervisor and, if necessary, the thesis is modified and re-uploaded before final submission. The similarity check will also cover TDK papers submitted in 2023/24, but it will not apply to papers that have been successfully submitted for a TDK in the past and are now submitted as a thesis with an equivalence statement, because they have already been written and accepted on the basis of a previous event.

Turnitin Similarity searches (and finds) text similarity in more than 90 billion currently available and archived web pages, 80 million library databases, textbooks, articles available in digital collections, publications published in or submitted to the Crossref database and in the University’s HuVetA repository.

You do not need to do anything in advance for the verification, you just need to upload your thesis to Neptun by Monday 6 November 2023 at the latest.

After the Turnitin submission deadline, your thesis will be checked for similarity with Turnitin Similarity, the results will be sent to your supervisor, who will evaluate and notify you if any changes to the thesis are required. The final deadline for submission of the thesis is Friday 17 November 2023.

For specific rules for TDK (e.g.: dates), please see the TDK website.

I have heard that there is not required the Copyright Statement, but it is included at the end of the Guide to writing a thesis. Should I still attach it to my thesis?

No. Since 2023, there has been no need to submit Copyright Statement, because higher education institutions obliged to publish students’ theses.